Bedroom Tax minister has 11 spare bedrooms!

Eastry Court: Lord Freud's 8-bed spare mansion

Eastry Court: Lord Freud’s 8-bed spare mansion

It has been revealed that Lord Freud, the Tory minister responsible for the bedroom tax, has 11 more bedrooms than he requires. He lives alone with his wife and therefore would only be entitled to one room without having housing benefit slashed if he were a social housing tenant. However he has three spared bedrooms in his London property (worth £1.9 million) and a spare eight bed mansion in the countryside.

Of course Lord Freud and his millionaire minister friends are unaffected by the bedroom tax and the many other cuts. It is clear they are looking out for themselves while hitting the poorest hardest. Lord Freud seemed unremorseful stating that children should be expected to sleep on sofa beds.

We are all into together, eh?!

More: The Mirror – Loads of room to talk! Bedroom tax Tory Lord Freud lives in eight-bedroom country mansion

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