“…but still the government make it harder and risk splitting me from my children i love”

We get a lot of distressing emails in our inbox. We have decided to copy in one below (with the senders permission) in order to give you a taste of what the bedroom tax is doing to people. It makes us angry but also shows that the campaign is needed and strengthens our resolve.

Good morning, what a relief it was to see your leaflet come through my letterbox thankyou!!, unfortunately i am committed on Thursday eve this week to to a church i help run for events but i would be ever so greatful if i could register my interest in this and be kept informed as to how i can appeal against Bedroom tax.

I work 18 hours per week and claim a percentage of housing benefit, as a single man i have my 2 children on weekends so need the 2nd bedroom which is the reason the council gave me a 2 bedroom flat in Seacroft, due to the amount of hours i work, the only benefit i can claim is that percentage of housing benefit and i find it difficult to manage as it is, dont smoke, rarely drink and the only other thing i could do is live on soup i guess, suffer from Asthma and depression and have to pay full for prescriptions at over 15 per month, the way i see it is that im trying to work even though its only part time,what with the job situation and do not want to be sat at home but still the government make it harder and risk splitting me from my children i love.

Please keep me informed and thank you so much for this!!!

If you are affected by the bedroom tax and want to share your story or are simply angry at the injustice of it all and want to help out then please get in touch: handsoffourhomes@gmail.com (we want to hear from you!)

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