Report from Middleton Meeting

Forty people attended the meeting at St Cross Church in Middleton last Thursday the 28th February which was the third local meeting (following Seacroft and Armley) organised by Hands Off Our Homes in Leeds in opposition to the bedroom tax. Two PCSOs attended, who no doubt wanted to collect “intelligence”, but soon found the topic too depressing and left, allowing the tenants to discuss and share experiences about how the tax will impact on their lives and start to consider the next steps in building the campaign in defence of their homes.

The majority of those who attended decided to meeting again next Friday  8th March at 7.00 p.m. The meeting will be to plan how to build the campaign in Middleton and build a local group. The local vicar, our host, kindly agreed that we could use the St Cross Church premises again.

Despite the fact that invitations had been sent to four Labour Councillors, none were present. This was not surprising as they had tried their hardest to stop the meeting going ahead in the first place.

Another successful meeting, another local group growing the campaign in their area. Next up: Little London!

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