Report from second Middleton meeting

25 people attended a follow up meeting last Friday after our successful public meeting the week before. The plan was to work out how to develop the campaign in Middleton and neighbouring Bell Isle, however this was a little disrupted by the attendance of the local Labour Councillors. Having caused the cancellation of our first meeting in Middleton and having failed to attend the second (to which they were invited), all three attended and attempted to have us discuss the matters already dealt with by the meeting a week earlier!

After a spell of showing how the Council is unable to deal with the demands of the Bedroom tax and then trying to blame everyone else for sowing panic the councillors were met with a tenant’s rather exasperated voice proclaiming “I thought we came to do something about it!”.

The group decided to take preliminary action by visiting the surgeries of the 2 Leeds Con Dem MPs, look towards building to join others in a city wide demonstration against evictions and leafleting in Bell Isle.

There is now a serious core group in the area who have shown their willingness to do something and hopefully this will give confidence to those who will soon recieve the letters from the Council informing them of the reality of what the bedroom tax and the Council Tax benefit cuts will mean. Now that WILL sow panic!

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