Stop the Bedroom Tax Demonstration – April 20th


We are planning a big demo in Leeds City centre to show the council how many of us are keeping calm and staying put and how many of us are going to support all those that do. Our main demand will be on the council to refuse to evict anyone building up arrears due to the barbaric bedroom tax. We will also be calling on Leeds City Council join us in standing up to the government and opposing the tax and to build more council homes, tens of thousands of which have been lost in the last 30 years.

Meet 12 Noon, April 2oth, Victoria Gardens (Outside the Art Gallery)

We want this to be BIG!

Facebook event:

Download poster:

How you can help:

– Join the facebook event and invite your friends

– Spread it by word of mouth

– Get in touch ( and help us put up put up posters and flyer heavily effected areas of Leeds, or promote the meeting in any other way (Even a little bit of work helps!)

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