April 20th demo update, Government concessions, even more meetings and then some – HOOH newsletter – March 19th

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logoWelcome to our latest jam packed newsletter. So jam packed it came to you a day late (sorry). If you only read one part of it please read the take action section to find out how you can help in the campaign against the bedroom tax.

This week:

  • Take action!
  • April 20th Update
  • Other News
  • Upcoming events and meetings
  • Get in touch and stay updated

Take action!

We have already got important victories on the national level and are doing well in Leeds. But now is not the time to take any pressure off. We REALLY need your help in stopping this tax. This is why we have put in this section, to suggest ways you can help. We have three suggestions, please consider if you can help out.

  1. Contact your Councillors. It does not have to be a long email even just a few lines helps keep the pressure up. See here for how to contact your Councillors and what we would say.
  2. Help us build the demo. OK, we have already said this, but if you have any time to put flyers though doors or posters and flyers in local shops and centres get in touch and we can drop some off with you or download the poster here.
  3. Join us for our regular flyering session outside the one stop centre on St. George Street on Mondays between 12-2pm. We have flyering sessions elsewhere throughout the week irregularly, if you want to help out at of these get in touch.

April 20th Update

We have announced a start point and meeting time for our BIG April 20th demo. It will start and finish at Victoria Gardens, just outside the Art Gallery. We are also planning a push and wheel chair friendly route around town. We are also going to have a special ‘kids bloc’ for children of all ages to show their dislike for the government policy. The primary demand of the protest will be on the council to refuse to implement the tax starting with a refusal to evict anyone falling into arrears.

Help make this demo big!:

  • Join and inviting friends to our Facebook event.
  • Tell all your friends by word of mouth, email etc.
  • Download the poster, print it out and stick it up around your area (in cafes, shops, community centres). Also we can drop some posters and flyers off or even go around with you, just get in touch.
  • If you are part of a group, union, residents association or other that wants to support the demo get in touch.

Other News

Little London Meeting

We had another great meeting in Little London with about another 40 people turning out. The mood was as ever one of refusal to let this tax stand. Check out this video of one of our members speaking at the meeting.

Dundee and Brighton & Hove announce no evictions!

One of our key aims of our campaign is to get Leeds City Council (and other social landlords) to pledge not to evict anyone due to the Bedroom Tax. So it was great news to here Brighton & Hove have pledged no evictions and Dundee has pledged not to evict anyone for a year. This shows that it is by no means impossible for Leeds to do the same. This would be a massive win but would not be the end of the campaign, and we will fight on to protect tenants and fight against this tax!

Government concessions on the Bedroom Tax

It seems all the attention the government is getting over the bedroom tax is making them feel uneasy. This has caused them to make a few concessions since our last newsletter, for families with a disabled kid, for parents with a child in the armed forces and for some foster parents. These concessions are not as big as they sound, and we have a long way to go but this does show the government is weak on the Bedroom Tax and that outrage is getting through.

March 16th: Labour meeting on the Bedroom Tax

A few of us attended a meeting on March 16th organised by activists in the Labour Party. It showed us that the Labour Party is taking the campaign more seriously and that there is potential support for the campaign. More info, see our full report.

Upcoming events and meetings

Demonstration: PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) Strike
Wednesday 20th March, 12.30 pm, Victoria Gardens/Art Gallery
The PCS are on strike on this day and have invited Hands Off Our Homes to join and speak at their demonstration. Bring banners, pots and pans and your voices. Solidarity is vital!

Gipton Meeting

Sat 23rd March, 11am, Church of Epiphany

Organised by Beeches and Oak Trees Residents Association. Have invited Hands Off Our Homes to speak, along with Gipsil and a speaker from the university. Should be an interesting meeting and we encourage all in the Gipton area to attend. More info.

Chapeltown Public Meeting

Tues 26th March, 6pm, Roscoe Methodist Church

A public meeting for people in Chapeltown and nearby to find out about the bedroom tax and how we can resist it together. More info.

Burmantofts / Lincoln Green Public Meeting

Thurs 28th March, 6.30pm, North Leeds Working Men’s Club

A public meeting for people in Burmantofts, Lincoln Green and nearby to find out about the bedroom tax and how we can resist it together. More info.

Get in touch and stay updated

That’s all from us. Just to give you our various contacts once again. Please forward this email to anyone who would be interested. Hopefully see you in person soon,
Hands Off Our Homes


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