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logoDear Friends,

April 1st marked the start of the ‘bedroom tax’ and the council tax benefits cut. But we’re determined to make April Fools of this government yet and we’re going to need your help to do it.

In our blog today we highlight how it would actually make financial sense for social housing providers including those under council control to let tenants ‘keep calm and stay put’ rather than scare them into moving or put them through costly eviction processes. We’ve worked out that it could cost Leeds City Council £11,300 to evict tenants who owe just £580 in rent arrears. The only reason they won’t publicly commit to no evictions seems to be because they want to extract what to them are tiny rent increases to eliminate the possibility of losing a small amount of money. Not good enough.

So, step up and get on board. We can win this!

* Stop the bedroom tax – How can you resist the bedroom tax?
* Meetings in Leeds -Have you found your local meeting?
* How to get involved- Can you tell people about the campaign and our demo on 20th April?

Stop the bedroom tax – some tactics

1) Don’t sign any ‘declaration’ from your housing provider

2) Challenge your ‘Housing Benefit decision notice’ https://handsoffourhomes.org.uk/2013/03/21/appealing-against-a-bedroom-tax-decision-crosspost/

3) Write to your councillor and ask them to publicly support a ‘no evictions, no debt’ position on the Bedroom Tax. https://handsoffourhomes.org.uk/2013/03/18/does-your-local-councillor-stand-with-tenants-or-with-the-goverment/


4) Talk to your friends, family and neighbours and act together!
Meetings in Leeds

** Upcoming meeting **

Beeches and Oaktrees Tenants and Residents association
11.00 a.m., Saturday 6th April, Gipton Methodist Church, Oaktree Place.

We now have some bedroom tax activity happening in the following areas:

-ARMLEY – Thursdays, 6.30, Dennison Hall Club, Pickford Lane, Armley

For more info on these meetings, contact handsoffourhomes@gmail.com or check our blog or Facebook page – Hands Off Our Homes Leeds.

How to get involved

On Saturday, a demo organised by Labour activists in Leeds had over 100 people attending, including members of Hands Off Our Homes. We know that the demo on 20th April is going to be much, much bigger.

Facebook event:http://www.facebook.com/events/431824633566630/
Kids bloc!: http://www.facebook.com/events/368197673293665/

We really need help publicising our campaign and the demo. If 24 people do 1 hour, a whole DAY of publicity gets done. And we get a huge number of objection letters, and a huge demo, the council and the Government can’t ignore.

Please get in touch to distribute posters and flyers or find out more about getting involved in other ways.


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