HOOH Newsletter – 09/04/13 – Leeds City Council reclassifies homes, help build the 20th and more!

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logoWelcome to our latest newsletter. We are seeing big things happen and are on a roll. We need your help to get this stopped so have a read and find out how you can help.

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Leeds City Council reclassifies 865 ‘bedroom tax’ properties

“Last week Leeds City Council announced that 865 Leeds properties affected by the bedroom tax would be “re-designated” This means they will be considered to have one less bedroom than previously so would now not be hit by the bedroom tax. This means that many tenants will be sleeping easier. We consider this a (small) victory, the result of continued pressure on the Council from HOOH and our allies. However much more is needed as this only frees around 10-15% of Leeds bedroom tax victims.

The council say they will benefit “through the savings that could have been associated….with legal costs and additional staff that come with chasing rent”. These costs are the same for all tenancies so why will they not just accept that trying to collect the bedroom tax just isn’t financially worth it?! – More info


Stop the bedroom tax – some tactics

1) Don’t sign any ‘declaration’ from your housing provider

2) Challenge your ‘Housing Benefit decision notice’.  https://handsoffourhomes.org.uk/2013/03/21/appealing-against-a-bedroom-tax-decision-crosspost/

3) Write to your councillor and ask them to publicly support a ‘no evictions, no debt’ position on the Bedroom Tax. https://handsoffourhomes.org.uk/2013/03/18/does-your-local-councillor-stand-with-tenants-or-with-the-goverment/

4) Support friends and neighbours affected by the bedroom tax – sitting in with people during meetings with housing/rent officers to make sure they are not being intimidated or told misleading things. Also, sending letters of support for people who don’t want to move



Thursday 11th April, 6.30pm
Woodhouse Community Centre, Woodhouse Street

The group has been doing great stuff locally, flyering, having a stall and supporting individuals. Come along and get involved in Little London and Woodhouse! Also if you want to go flyering in Woodhouse or Little London call Steve on 01132178608

Thursdays, 6.30pm, Dennison Hall Club, Pickford Lane, Armley
Also doing loads of good stuff, including stalls and much building for the demo. They have meetings every week.

Tuesday 16th April, 6.30pm
Bangladeshi Community Centre, Roundhay Road

A new group doing flyering and lots of building for the 20th

We also have local Bedroom Tax activity in these areas:


 If you want to join in with them, or anywhere else, get in touch!


Come and join us giving out flyers and talking to people who may be affected by welfare cuts –

Friday 12th April – Park Place JobCentre, 10.30-12.30

Monday 15th April – Great George Street One Stop (housing office), 12.00-2.00

Keep an eye on our facebook page or email us for more flyering sessions


Our massive city-wide, joyous, angry demo is coming up on 20th April! We are going to have bands, circus performers, a kids bloc and more! But…WE NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS GREAT!

1) We need stewards for the march

Being a steward means coming to one meeting before the demo to talk about the route and what’s going to happen on the day. On the day you would just help support the route and let people know where they’re going and what’s happening. Please contact us through Facebook or email us at handsoffourhomes@gmail.com TODAY!

2) Bring your skills to make the demo amazing!

16th April , 8-10pm ‘Street Music Workshop’
Heart Centre, Headingley
All budding percussionists and brass players come to form up a superband for the demo on Saturday. Let’s make some serious noise!

18th April – ‘Drink for Bedrooms’
Come along to Wharf Chambers (Wharf Street, near bus station) for a fundraising and banner-making session for the demo on Saturday. Free entry. https://www.facebook.com/events/595627160449344/?fref=ts

3) Help make it BIG!

Make sure you tell all you friends and drag them along! Also if you can help distribute flyers and posters in your area please get in touch or you can come along to one of our stalls or flyering sessions (listed above) and give us a hand.


Benefits Justice Summit, May 11th, London
Defend Council Housing are organising a meeting to broaden the bedroom tax resistance nationally. Contact handsoffourhomes@gmail.com if you would like to join in a delegation from Leeds.

That’s all for now, thanks for giving this a read. With your help we can win this, let’s make it happen!

Not giving up!

Hands Off Our Homes


Telephone: 07504017322

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/handsoffhomes

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