21/04/13 – Upcoming local meetings


We had a great demo yesterday with over 1000 on the streets of Leeds calling on the council to refuse to evict bedroom tax victims.  The report will come asap. In the mean time you should get along to a local meeting. This is republished from a flyer we distributed yesterday.

Not all areas have their next meeting set, however we encourage you to get in touch if you want to help build our local base. We have not included the local contact’s details here to stop those hard working people getting spammed, but if you email handsoffourhomes@gmail.com or 07504017322 we can pass you.

Armley & Bramley:
6.30pm, April 25th, Denison Hall Club, Pinfold Lane/Town Street

Burmantofts/Lincoln Green:
Contact: handsoffourhomes@gmail.com

Contact: handsoffourhomes@gmail.com

6.30, April 25th, Upstairs, Shai Nan Kebab, 234-236 Roundhay Road

Little London & Woodhouse:
6.30pm, April 25th, Leeds Rifleman, Carlton Carr

Contact: handsoffourhomes@gmail.com

6.30pm, April 30th, Seacroft Green Social Club, 242 Brooklands Ave.

Anywhere else / General contact:
handsoffourhomes@gmail.com, 07504017322

If you want to help set up a group in another area drop us a line, we really need to be in every area affected.

Thanks to all that came yesterday! This is just the beginning!

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