After our 1000+ demo, what next? (plus news reports of the demo)

000DSC_1119Well, wasn’t Saturday great? We got over 1000 people marching through the streets of Leeds cheered on by onlookers. We got a load of press coverage (see below) and no one can deny there is resistance in West Yorkshire, but what next? How do we stop the Council and other Social Landlords evicting? How do we go on to defeat this barbaric policy?

In short, we need you.

We know this is winnable but the demo was just the beginning. We need people to help get out the word and build resistance on the ground. To help us find all the people affected and make sure they know they are not alone. To give each other the confidence not to be bullied into going hungry or to miss out on the things we need.

We have local meetings and contacts for you to get in touch with here. All our contacts are friendly so get in touch, any help you can give is much appreciated! We also need help setting up groups in other areas, so if you can help with this get in touch (don’t worry, you won’t be alone)

We have a mass appeal strategy to launch very soon (some of you might have picked up letters from the demo – send them off!)  and will have other big things coming up so it’s really important you stay up to date.

You can do this by:

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This is just the beginning! Stick together and we can win!

News reports:

ITV Calendar:

BBC Look North (although we find it very strange that they decided to call the Bedroom Tax the “spare room subsidy”):

Yorkshire Evening Post:

The People:

Wakefield Express:

South Leeds Life:

Morning Star:

Socialist Worker:


Leeds Student:

The demo was also covered on Radio Leeds, Aire and Magic.DSC_0041_01

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