HOOH Newsletter – May 10th – Bedroom Tax campaign update, call for information and opportunities to get involved

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logoDear all,

It’s been over a month since the bedroom tax cuts to housing benefit came in, and tenants are already being told they are in arrears and must pay the difference. Hands Off Our Homes has groups all over Leeds and we’re still fighting back!

Last week, tenants from Little London and Woodhouse challenged local Labour councillor Gerry Harper to agree that
a) There is not enough social housing for all the people on low incomes in Leeds
b) There is not enough money in the council’s ‘Discretionary Housing Payment’ pot for all those affected by the bedroom tax
c) Social housing landlords should publicly oppose the policy and should not evict bedroom tax tenants due to arrears in rent

Tenants in Little London and Woodhouse are going to take their concerns to another area councillor this Saturday 11thMay – details below. Other groups are preparing to lobby councillors – the next will be in Armley on 18th May. Again, details are below. We want to get pledges to support our campaign from as many councillors as possible, and we need your help for this!


Saturday 11th May, 10-12am, Woodhouse Community Centre, Woodhouse Street

Woodhouse/Hyde Park lobbying councillors against the bedroom tax

Anyone from the Hyde Park/Woodhouse ward who would like to go in and put their own bedroom tax case to a councillor, or who can help with a stall outside, or can help with some door-knocking/leafleting to help the campaign in this area, please contact ellenrowbottom@hotmail.com

Tues 14th May, 7.30pm, Hawksworth Community Centre, 6 Broadway, Kirkstall, LS5 3PR
Public Meeting for affected tenants and supporters – find out how to fight the Bedroom Tax in Hawksworth Wood and nearby. All welcome!

More info: https://handsoffourhomes.org.uk/2013/05/10/kirkstall-stop-the-bedroom-tax-meeting/

Thurs 16th May, 6.30pm, Dennison Hall Club, Pickford Lane, Armley
Planning meeting for lobbying councillors and other campaigning in Armley/New Wortley. All welcome.

Sat 18th May, morning
On Saturday morning Armley/New Wortley residents will visit a local councillor and challenge them to protect residents affected by the bedroom tax! Contact handsoffourhomes@gmail.com or through Facebook if you want to take part!


Tuesday 14th May, 6pm, Tangram Communal Rooms, 74 Bankside Street, LS8 5AD
Planning for spreading the campaign across Harehills. Contact harehillssolidarity@riseup.net.

Weds 5th June, 7pm, TUC Centre, 88 North Street, Leeds LS2 7PN
Hands Off Our Homes will bring together all the groups and individuals currently working on the campaign to plan for the next few months. This meeting is for anyone actively involved in campaigning locally and city-wide on the campaign, and it’s an opportunity to meet others in the campaign, plan the coming months and improve our campaigning.  Please email us at handsoffourhomes@gmail.com if you’re planning on coming and if you have any suggestions of skills you’d like to learn or discussions you’d like to have.


1. Affected by the Bedroom Tax? Tell us about what’s happening to you

In order to campaign better on this policy, we need to know how people are experiencing it. Have you had letters saying you’re in arrears? How is the council trying to get the money from you? Have you had responses to either appeals/challenges or an application for Discretionary Housing Payment?

We really need to hear evidence of what’s happening so we can pressure the council and housing providers effectively and get the stories out there. Contact us at handsoffourhomes@gmail.com

*** REMEMBER you can challenge the Bedroom Tax decision AT ANY TIME – details here :https://leedshandsoffourhomes.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/hoohappeal.pdf

2. Areas we want to increase campaigning
We have active people who want to do more bedroom tax campaigning in the following areas:
– Halton
– Morley
– Lincoln Green

Can you help us make this happen?
 You could offer :
– 10 minutes to talk to your local Tenants’ association or other community leaders about the campaign
-½  hour to giving out leaflets in your area or give out leaflets outside your local school
– 1 hour lobbying a local councillor

Or anything else, get in touch.

3. Campaigning around disabled people affected by the bedroom tax
We have been contacted by someone who would like to put together evidence around Disability Living Allowance, Discretionary Housing Payment and the Bedroom Tax. If you have experienced any difficulties/issues around these and/or want to help do this research, please contact ellenrowbottom@hotmail.com

4. Sunday People article – family needed

We have been contacted by a journalist on The Sunday People asking for a family with children/teenagers affected by the bedroom tax to be interviewed about how it’s affecting their lives. Please get in touch with Megan from Hands Off Our Homes – megan.waugh@hotmail.co.uk – if you would like to do this.

Thank you for sticking with this campaign. We’re in it to win it!

Hands Off Our Homes


Telephone: 07504017322

Facebook: www.facebook.com/handsoffourhomes
Twitter: www.twitter.com/handsoffhomes

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