1st June National Day Of Action – Lobby Your Councillor

This Saturday (1st June) is a National Day of Action against the bedroom tax, and people around the country will be demonstrating, raising awareness and lobbying their councillors. We think it would be great if as many people as possible across Leeds went to see their councillor on Saturday morning, to tell them we can’t afford to pay the tax and we need our elected representatives to stand up for us and announce that nobody in Leeds will be evicted for bedroom tax arrears. Tell your councillor how the tax is affecting you, and ask them what they will be doing to help you. Then get in touch with us and let us know how how your councillor has responded – we’ll be publishing details of which councillors are backing us up and which are dragging their heels and making excuses. This will all add to the pressure on the council to adopt a No Evictions policy.

It can be empowering to go and see your councillor as a group, so try getting together with friends and neighbours – but even if you go alone it will have an impact. And if you find the idea scary, try not to worry – the councillor surgeries are very informal, and it’s our job to make sure the councillors do what they’re elected to do! If you would like any support or additional information to help you with this, do get in touch.

We’ve prepared a letter which you might like to hand to your councillor when you see them. If you can’t see them in person, you could send it to them by email or in the post.  The letter includes all the demands of the campaign, and we’ve written it so that you can add the details of your own personal situation and anything specific you want your councillor to help you with.

We’ve looked up the times and venues for the councillor surgeries for Saturday 1st June (link to attachment), but if your area is not on the list, or you want details of other times and venues for surgeries, or a postal or email address for your councillor, go to

Councillor surgeries on Saturday 1st June

10am – 10.30am New Wortley Community Centre, 40 Tong Road, LS12 1LZ
10.30am – 11am Armley One Stop Centre, Stocks Hill LS12 1UQ

Bramley and Stanningley
10am – 11am Bramley Library Hough Lane, LS13 3ND

Burmantofts and Richmond Hill
10am – 11am Richmond Hill Community Centre, Long Close Lane, LS9 8NP

City and Hunslet
9am Hunslet Sports and Social Club, The Oval, LS10 2AT

Farnley and Wortley
9.30am – 10.30am Lower Wortley Community Centre, Lower Wortley Road, LS12 4PX
11am – 12 noon Whingate Methodist Church, LS12 3EJ
12.30pm – 1.30pm Main Line Club, Pudsey Road, LS13 4LS

Hyde Park and Woodhouse
10.30am – 12 noon Little London Community Centre, Oatland Lane, LS7 1SP

Killingbeck and Seacroft
11am – 12 noon Seacroft Library, Seacroft Crescent, LS14 6PA

No set times; phone or email any time
Councillor John Illingworth, 0113 2673735 or 0113 395 0456
or email john.illingworth@leeds.gov.uk

Middleton Park
10am – 11am St George’s Centre, St George’s Road, LS10 4UZ
11.15am – 12 noon Belle Isle Working Men’s Club, Belle Isle Road, LS10 3PE

Morley South
11.15 – 12 noon Morley Town Hall, Queen Street, LS27 9DY

11am – 11.30am Carlton Cricket Club, Town Street, WF3 3QU

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