SURVEY: How is the bedroom tax affecting you?

Are you a tenant in Leeds who has had your housing benefit cut as a result of the ‘bedroom tax’?  As the 6 month anniversary of the policy is coming up, and the United Nations are still taking evidence on housing in the UK, Hands Off Our Homes is collecting more stories from affected tenants. This is so that we can:

– Support tenants and their families and friends to get support they need
– Understand better what’s going on with welfare reform and housing in Leeds
– Provide evidence to council, housing providers and the media about how the policy is affecting people

*** All information is confidential. If we want to use any information that is specifically about you we will ask you first ***

Please fill in the form at the link below if you are affected by the policy. If you know anyone who is, please forward it to them.

Thank you!


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