UPDATED: Been in same house since 1996? You might be exempt from the bedroom tax

** We’ve made our advice on this a bit clearer to help tenants. Let us know if it works for you!**

Have you been living at your present address since 1
st January 1996 or before?

Have you been claiming Housing Benefit continuously from this address throughout that time?

Or have you claimed Housing Benefit continuously from an address where you inherited the tenancy from a parent or partner who had themselves claimed continuously from 1st January 1996 until their death?

If so, you may be eligible for a refund of any bedroom tax (extra rent due to having ‘spare’ bedrooms you have paid since April 2013.

This applies even if you have been awarded a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) – you will not have to pay back any DHP already paid to you.

It may also apply to people who have had breaks in their tenancy if it was due to circumstances beyond their control, eg, compulsory rehousing because of building works, being forced to move to escape domestic violence.

You are also allowed one break in your claim of up to 4 weeks, or a break due to being on a welfare-to-work scheme.

If you think this applies to you, copy and paste the letter below and send it to Leeds City Council’s Housing Office.



                               Address 1:

                               Address 2:




     National Insurance number:

Housing Benefit Claim Number:


Leeds City Council

Bedroom tax

I ask you to reconsider my bedroom tax decision in your HB decision notice dated

___/___/_____    in accordance with housing benefit regulations and with regard to statutory instrument 217 of 2006 in terms of my protected “eligible rent” in the Consequential Provisions Regulations 2006.
1.                  I have been in continuous receipt of Housing Benefit since at least the 1st January 1996      AND
2.                  I have lived at my current address for all of that time   OR
3.                  I inherited the tenancy from a parent/partner who had claimed HB continuously from that address since at least 1st January 1996, and I have claimed HB continuously from that address since then      OR
4.                  I moved to my current address due to being forced to move, eg *decanted due to regeneration/demolition, *domestic violence, *anti-social behaviour,  *my previous property was unfit, (* = delete as appropriate)

 Yours faithfully,


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