Welfare Fightback! Demonstration Leeds City Centre – April 5th

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Lets get together to demand a different way:

Last year Hands Off Our Homes held a 1000 person strong demonstration against the bedroom tax and welfare reform in Leeds City Centre. Since then we have won concessions from the council and government and the bedroom tax is on its knees. Other campaigns have caused big set backs to the government’s workfare and work capacity assessment policies. This time we want to go for something a bit different, we want to bring together all the campaigns for a better future for our society together, march, discuss, plot and build. Can we make it happen? It’s up to you. Join with us to continue the fightback and demand a better future for us all.

12.00 noon, Saturday April 5th, Victoria Gardens (Outside Leeds Art Gallery)

Can we make this big? We need your help:

– Speak to your neighbours, friends, family and get them alone

– Invite your friends to the facebook event and share on your wall

– Contact us for leaflets and posters distribute around you: HandsOffOurHomes@gmail.com

Why we doing this:

Is this the society we want?

• Where all the common goods we have fought for together – healthcare, education, housing, social security and more – are parcelled out and milked for corporate profit?

• Where a guarantee of basic security is a thing of the past; where Work Capability tests, JSA sanctions and housing benefit cuts leave thousands with no income, and adequate food, warmth and housing are out of reach for thousands more?

• Where those struggling with chronic illness, mental health problems and disability are stigmatised, subjected to degrading, brutal and irrelevant “assessments” and live in constant fear of losing their essential support?

• Where human beings have no value in their own right, but only as machines for producing corporate profit; where the work of caring for elders, children and the sick is unrecognised, unpaid or paid at poverty wages?

• Where the “jobless” are forced to squander their time and energy chasing underpaid and insecure employment, whilst pointless labour consumes the lives, health and talents of millions of those in work?

• Where communities are divided and fragmented, with little or no means of collective control over the decisions which affect our lives and wellbeing?

We demand

• Security and dignity for every human being, with a liveable income, decent food, warmth, housing and other essentials as a basic right

• That our common resources and services be returned to the people and collectively managed for the good of all

• That the interdependency and the intrinsic worth of all humans is recognised; everyone is valued and supported regardless of age, health or the work they can do, if any.

• That the work of caring is given pride of place, with a guarantee of proper financial and social support for all carers

• That everyone has the right to choose work and study which is of genuine value, and to participate fully in making decisions which affect them in their communities, workplaces and in the wider society.

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