National Day of Action Against Sanctions and Workfare, Thursday September 11th

On September 11th people all around the country will be taking action against the government’s cruel regime of sanctions against people relying on Job-Seekers Allowance, and those in the Work-Related Activities group of Employment Support Allowance. We’re also opposing the policy known as “workfare”, of making claimants work for free as a condition of getting their benefits, thereby making easy profits for many employers at the public expense, whilst depriving someone of a proper job. Please join us in Briggate from 12 noon to 2pm. Bring placards, banners, whistles, instruments……More importantly, bring your friends and neighbours and your stories.

Let’s change the conversation on benefits: this governments wants to portray claimants as scroungers, cheats and a drain on the economy, and we need to expose these lies for what they are. More than that, we to start talking about what a really decent welfare system would look like – one which recognises collective values, the right of every human being to security and a decent quality of life, which insists that the value of our lives should not be measured by the profits which can be squeezed from them.

If you are a claimant at risk of being sanctioned

PCS union, which represents most DWP staff, and Unite Community, which you can join if you do not have paid work, have collaborated to produce advice for claimants at risk of being sanctioned, which you can read here

Get a flyer for the Day of Action here Day of Action flyer

And a poster here


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