Update: don’t give in!!!

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Well, I guess this article says quite a lot of what I want to say to people reading this page. Following the election results many of us may be feeling overwhelmed, afraid and helpless. If so, please don’t just struggle on alone; turn to friends and neighbours, reach out to anyone you know who is on their own. And then…… FIND OUT about groups and campaigns against austerity – be it bedroom tax, disability rights, the NHS, sanctions, rights and conditions at work, service cuts or whatever – JOIN ONE, and get involved in whatever way you can. Or START A NEW ONE in your own neighbourhood or place of work; TELL US about it so we can get people linked up and supporting one another. We all have different things to contribute, but we can only make a difference by acting together. COME TO OUR MEETINGS or, if you can’t come, then tell us what you think you could do to contribute. We can probably point you to other groups as well), depending on your interest/situation.

Lord Freud's 8 bed room spare HOUSE

Lord Freud’s 8 bed room spare HOUSE

As always, Hands Off Our Homes will be holding evening meetings on the first Wednesday of every month, to discuss how we come together to defeat the bedroom tax and other benefit cuts, campaign for more and better council housing, and demand a better deal for all tenants. The Tory government is threatening to remove housing benefit completely from young adults, and to further limit the total benefits any household can receive – so the extra potential for homelessness or for people suffering cold and hunger as they struggle to keep their homes is enormous.

On Tuesday afternoons there are organising meetings at the office of Unite Community, at Ebor Court, Skinner Street LS1 4ND.  Call the number on the door to be let in (Skinner Street entrance, not Westgate entrance). Leeds Welfare Fightback/Hands Off Our Homes will be there from around 1.30 to 3pm at least, along with other  Unite Community members, to make plans for campaigning and help get different groups and campaigns linked up to make sure we support each other and make the best use of our energy. You don’t have to be a member of Unite Community to come along – but I WOULD SERIOUSLY URGE PEOPLE TO JOIN, especially if they are unwaged, the better to get their voice heard and also to benefit from the support and training that’s available.

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