Demo against austerity

Hi all, a really quick one this. Hands Off Our Homes and Leeds Welfare Fightback will be joining what looks like being a huge demo against austerity on Wednesday 27th May – gathering at 5pm in Victoria Gardens, in front of Leeds art gallery. Here’s the link to the Facebook event – getting on for 4000 people have signed up already! Organised by Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs and Education, it’s timed to coincide with  the opening of parliament / Queen’s speech where the Tories will announce the attacks they plan on carrying out over the next year. There have already been protests like this all around the country, with thousands of new people coming out onto the streets in fear and anger at the prospects of more savage cuts and attacks on social housing, public services, jobs and wages.

At the demo we’ll be handing out flyers inviting people to an organising meeting to plan how we can resist this new wave of attacks on the unemployed, low-waged, sick and disabled, the young, and on parents and carers – all groups which are set to suffer even more from cuts to social housing, health, education, advice services and legal aid. The meeting will be at 6.30pm on Wednesday 10th June, in the Victoria Hotel on Great George Street. Watch this space for more details.

People will also be building for the national demo in London on Saturday 20th June, called by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity.  If you want to go to the London demo, get in touch with Unite the Union at, for details of coaches. Hopefully other organisations will be putting on coaches too, and Unite should be able to advise you. Also, Leeds People’s Assembly has just been re-launched, with lots of new interest from people concerned about the new round of cuts – check out the Facebook page for Leeds People’s Assembly here and come to the next meeting if you can.

That’s all for now – see you soon!

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