How you can help! And upcoming events and campaigns

Hi everyone, Hands Off Our Homes has been busy trying to gather up-to-date information about how the bedroom tax and other benefit cuts are affecting people, and how the council and housing associations plan to “manage” the latest government attacks on social housing (see here and here for more details).  We’re also working on new information and advice for claimants affected by welfare cuts. If you’re a tenant affected by the bedroom tax you can help by filling in our survey here.  Don’t forget to send us your contact details if you want a personal response, or if you can help or get involved in any way.

You can now check out our Upcoming Events page for news of some upcoming Hands Off Our Homes and Leeds Welfare Fightback initiatives and some important events we’re supporting. These include the relaunch of the Leeds branch of the radical grass-roots union IWW; the fight against  privatisation of the National Health Service; and the protests and actions planned to take place during the Tory Party conference in October. Leeds Welfare Fightback has been busy with a number of campaigns against exploitation, attacks on claimants and vulnerable workers, and cuts to essential services.  The campaign against workfare at B&M stores is going well: we have now visited 4 of their Leeds stores with flyers and other info about workfare and sanctions, and we have had a generally supportive response from the public. We joined Unite Community in the national campaign against zero-hours contracts and exploitative working conditions at Sports Direct, now one of the country’s most notorious distribution and retail employers (please sign the petition here). More recently, we joined with teachers of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) to raise awareness and gather signatures for a petition against the government’s recent decision to cut off funding for Job-Centre mandated English language courses (the petition is here – please sign). Please get in touch if you want to support/get involved in any of these.

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