Update, and Free Film Showing: “Behind the Rent Strike”

Hi everyone,
Next week, there are 3 events we’d like to invite you to.
  • Tuesday 3rd November, 7pm: free showing of film “Behind the Rent Strike”
  • Wednesday, 4th November, 7pm: Hands Off Our Homes planning meeting
  • Saturday 7th November, 10.30am: loby of councillors in Little London
Free film showing – “Behind the rent strike”
Venue: Little London Community Centre, Oatland Lane, LS7
Time/date: 7pm Tuesday 3rd November
Details: Behind the Rent Strike is the inspiring true story of 3,000 council tenants in Kirkby, Merseyside, who staged a rent strike against unfair rent rises and the Housing Finance Bill of 1972.

Featuring interviews with local residents, the film includes fascinating footage of the local high school and workplaces of the early 70s. As relevant today as it was 40 years ago, the film is a testament to the courage and determination of the residents of Kirkby and the power of collective action.

Free – all welcome – refreshments provided. Presented by Hands Of Our Homes and Little London Film Club.

The Facebook event for the film is here . Please read and share if you can.
Hands Off Our Homes planning meeting
Venue: UNISON offices, 160a Woodhouse Lane, opposite the Fenton pub near the universities.
Time/date: 7pm, Wednesday 4th November
Details: On Monday the Housing and Planning Bill will receive its second reading in parliament. Essentially, the Bill is a charter for the destruction of the social housing sector through sell-offs of council housing stock, extension of the Right to Buy which will be subsidised from money raised from local authorities through sell-offs, and incentivising of for-profit developments with extortionate rents and little or no provision of housing which most people can afford. In addition, we still have the bedroom tax, and increasing numbers of tenants are in serious arrears whilst facing the prospect of savage cuts in benefits such as ESA and tax credits through the course of this parliament. We urgently need to consider our strategy for resisting these attacks, and in particular for pressuring the council to take a stand, eg on no evictions or sell-offs and a proper strategy for building decent and affordable homes and protecting private tenants from rip-off rents and substandard housing.
For more details about the Housing Bill, check out the commentary here and the explanatory notes to the Bill here
Lobby of councillors in Little London
Venue: Little London Community Centre
Time/place: 10.30am, Saturday 7th November
Details: This is mainly for residents in the Hyde Park and Woodhouse ward, which includes Little London; the councillors for the ward are Gerry Harper, Javaid Akhtar and Christine Towler. We will be pressing our concerns about how they will deal with the above in light of the enormous waiting lists for Leeds council houses and the plight of those struggling to survive in the private sector. We want to know how they will protect their tenants who are unable to pay their rent.
If you can’t attend the lobby, councillors can also be contacted via their email,  and if you live in a ward other than Hyde Park and Woodhouse, you may want to contact your own councillors. All councillors’ email addresses and times of their local surgeries can be found via this page .
You can find more information about planned government attacks on housing on the Hands Off Our Homes website here , and we have also posted the letter we sent to the YEP today on the website here . There’s a lot of public focus on housing at the moment, so this would be a great time to send in your own letters to the YEP – emaileped@ypn.co.uk
You can contact us if you want to discuss any of this.
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