Update: Housing Summit Sat 25th March

Here’s the latest news about our campaign for affordable council housing, against housing profiteers and against the benefit cuts which threaten the right to keep a roof over your head.
  • Housing Summit Sat 25th March
  • Stalls Mon 20th Feb from 1pm in Briggate and Wed 12 – 2, venue tbc
  • Note about One Day Without Us event Mon Feb 20th, 1pm onwards in Leeds Briggate
Housing Summit
On Saturday 25th March, Hands Off Our Homes will be hosting a big meeting, or “Summit” for all housing campaigners, tenants groups, housing workers and support workers, trade unions, Third Sector organisations, political groupings, benefits campaigners and claimants, community groups and all individuals seeking to work for housing justice and against housing poverty. We hope that people from across the region will join us as well as those who are Leeds-based.
We have booked a large hall, from 10.30am to 3.30pm, at Oxford Chambers,

Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AU – between the courts and the Town Hall in Leeds. The event is free (though donations to HOOH are always welcome from those who can afford it); tea and coffee will be provided, and people can bring food or buy it from local shops during the lunch break. The venue is wheelchair accessible, and not far from the main railway station.
The day will be an opportunity to learn more about housing and benefits policies affecting the availability of genuinely affordable housing, and to be updated about how local authorities and other social housing providers plan to respond to government policies and support those affected. Most of all, though, we will be focusing on getting people involved in concrete plans and strategies for building the campaign.
We have a rough outline programme, to be updated as we fill in details of speakers and the outcomes we hope for, but will be a mixture of brief presentations, discussion and hopefully formation of working groups to begin making plans. For example, some people might want to start a media group, plan a public meeting, organise a lobbying campaign or start a campaign in their workplace or community group.
If you can help us to publicise the meeting or would like us to come out and speak to your group, please get in touch with us at this email address, or on 07930966205.
Hands Off Our Homes is planning stalls and leafleting to raise awareness of government attacks on social housing, and benefit cuts which are set to lead to soaring rates of homelessness and poverty. Please contact us here or on 07930966205 if you can help.
Stall arranged so far are as follows:
This Monday, 20th February, in Briggate, as part of the One Day Without Us event (see below) which runs from 1pm to 8pm (we will probably be there until around tea-time, so get in touch if you’d like to help)
Next Wednesday, 22nd February, 12noon to 2pm, venue tbc but if you can help, please get in touch at this email address. There will be transport to wherever the stall is held.
In particular, we are focusing on the lower Household Benefit Cap which was introduced in Leeds on 23rd January (and earlier in many other towns). This is a catastrophically savage cut which affects mainly people who are unable to seek paid work, either because they are single parents of pre-school children or because they have been assessed as unable to work due to sickness or disability. We want to hear from people affected by this cut, so please get in touch with us if it applies to you or someone you know. We also advise you to immediately apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (go to your One Stop Centre) – there is no guarantee that you will get it as the budget for DHP is limited, but it is very important that you try, and seek assistance with this from a Welfare Advisor or other professional advice worker (eg CAB).
One Day Without Us 
This is part of a national event organised by a wide range of groups in support of migrant workers (a group often particularly affected by housing poverty and discriminatory benefits rules), asylum-seekers and others who have come to this country for work, family or other reasons. Hands Off Our Homes strongly opposes the policies and media misinformation which encourage scapegoating of migrants, which is not only unjust and divisive but also serves to divert attention from the government policies responsible for service cuts, housing shortages, poverty wages and the rest.
The event should be enjoyable and informative, with music, poetry readings, food, personal stories and stalls including trade unions, service providers, community groups and others. For more information check out the Facebook Event here
Hands Off Our Homes
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