Housing campaign summit coming soon!

Our summit for housing and benefits campaigners is very soon – Saturday 25th March to be exact, which is just under two weeks.
The venue is Oxford Chambers, Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AU – between the Town Hall and the courts, and not far from the railway station. We ask people to arrive at 10.30am – end around 3.30pm. The building is wheelchair accessible. Entry is free (donations welcome if you can afford it!); tea/coffee provided, but bring your own food (there are sandwich shops nearby).
Now we really need your help to get all the people there who should be there. Please note that we’re inviting people from anywhere in the region, not just Leeds, as we think it’s really important to share news and ideas and work together. If you live in a different town or city than Leeds we especially need your help getting the word out in your local networks.
  • Please share on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up on the Facebook event here and on Eventbrite  here
  • If you belong to any anti-austerity group or party, a community group of any kind, a faith organisations, a tenants group, or if you are a trade union member, please make sure that all your members are aware of this event and encourage them to attend. We can get you a batch of flyers like this https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoXg_zk3fZjJkStQxKtslI-SPdCB
  • Let your friends, neighbours and workmates know – again we can get you flyers to hand around, put in your local shops, community hall, library, place of worship etc.
  • Ask your councillors to attend – if you live in Leeds you can find their contact details and times of their surgeries here , and every council will have councillor info on their own website. You can also email them the link to the flyer  https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoXg_zk3fZjJkStQxKtslI-SPdCB
  • If you live in social housing – eg if you are a housing association tenant – ask your landlord to attend! We need to hear about how social housing providers are planning to deal with the government attacks on benefits (eg bedroom tax and benefit cap), and on social housing provision for people on low incomes.
  • If you work in a housing setting – eg local authority, a housing association, hostel, supported housing setting; or work with clients/service-users who may be affected by housing or benefits issues (eg if you are an advice-worker, mental health support worker etc) – we particularly want to hear from you and your workmates. It might be that your job or working conditions are under threat as well as the well-being of your tenants or service-users. Please come to the summit if you can, and pass this on! We also particularly want to get people along who are union reps or activists in these sectors.
  • Come along to the next Hands Off Our Homes planning meeting if you can – it’s on Wednesday 15th March, 7pm at the UNISON offices, 160A Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9EN. If you need more info or directions, please call or text 07930966205.
Thanks everyone, and hope to see you soon!
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