Updating Hands Off Our Homes contact list – please subscribe to stay in touch

Hands Off Our Homes is updating its contact list, and we need your help.
We know we have a lot of people on the list who may have left Leeds, or may simply have joined our contact list and never got round to opening our emails. We don’t want to annoy anyone, and we want to make sure we’re not holding anyone’s contact details illegally.
If you don’t want to be on our list any more, you can ignore this message and (of course, you can still contact us at any time at this email address, by phone or via our Facebook page).
If you would like to remain on the contact list can you please indicate by emailing us at handsoffourhomes@gmail.com, writing “Subscribe” in the subject line or in the body of the email. That’s all you need to do – but see below for additional options.
We will use the email list to send out occasional updates about the following:
  • Changes in government or council policy relevant to the provision of council housing and other social housing, and conditions in the private rented sector.
  • Relevant changes in policy regarding welfare benefits
  • News about campaigns and events related to these issues
  • Occasional information about resources useful to tenants and claimants and their supporters, or agencies offering information and support
  • We may occasionally ask for your help with campaign activities, suggest things you can do individually or with friends and neighbours, or invite you to share information which may help with our campaign.
Messages will not normally be more than about twice a month. We will never share your information or contact details with anyone without your express permission, and we will never put pressure on anyone to take part in any activity.
If you are happy for us to retain your postal address and telephone number, can you please state these details in the body of your email (and the name you would like to be addressed by). 
The purpose of this is to enable us to identify people who might be interested in a local campaign activity or event, or to gather more information about conditions in a particular neighbourhood. Therefore, we need to know whether you want to be contacted only by email (in which case we only need to know which area or postcode you live in), or whether you are willing to receive a personal phone call or letter, or a home visit if appropriate.
Please do contact us if you want us to keep in touch in any of these ways. We will keep any personal information/contact details for the duration of the campaign or until you tell us you no longer want to to keep it. (We delete contact information immediately if a contact asks us to).
If you are unable to contact us immediately you can of course contact us at any time and ask to be put onto the new list!
Thanks for your support, and best wishes to all.
Hands Off Our Homes
Telephone 07930966205
Email handsoffourhomes@gmail.com
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