Grenfell Solidarity Vigil and Protest

Justice for Grenfell

Solidarity Vigil and Protest

Thursday June 14th, 5 – 6pm

Assemble Victoria Gardens

(in front of Leeds Art Gallery)

On 14th June 2017 a fire tore through Grenfell Tower, a 24 storey council block in West London, home to over 400, mostly poor, tenants. At least 72 people died and over 70 suffered terrible injuries in a completely avoidable tragedy. Grenfell tenants had repeatedly spoken of a ‘disaster waiting to happen’, but warnings fell on deaf ears.

If their concerns about safety had been listened to and acted on, 72 people would still be alive. If the local authority had not been penny pinching and trying to save money 72 people would not have lost their lives.

It cannot be allowed to happen again.

Never again must profit be placed before the lives of tenants

Tenants’ concerns must be heard, taken seriously and acted on.

Those responsible must be held to account.

Those who suffered must be rehoused permanently within their chosen community.

On 14th June, please join us as we gather in solidarity with Grenfell survivors and campaigners.

There must be Justice for Grenfell

The Grenfell tragedy has transformed discussion about the housing crisis.

Grenfell was an avoidable tragedy created by 30+ years of political decisions to cut, deregulate and privatise across housing and public safety.

Investment in council and other social housing has been cut. Council housing stock has been privatised through stock transfer, Right to Buy, PFI projects and outsourcing of building, maintenance and management.

Fire safety control and inspection has been deregulated, as have controls over planning, design and building materials.

There have been massive cuts to the fire service, as well as to health and other emergency and support services.

Tenants and campaigners need to fight to reverse successive government policies of enforced neglect. We need to fight for massive investment in new council homes with the safety standards necessary to prevent tragedies like Grenfell ever happening again.

Justice for Grenfell (J4G)

J4G and the Fire Brigades Union is calling on communities all around the country to come together on 14th June in solidarity with the survivors and to highlights the trail of broken promises left by the government:

  • 50% of survivors and displaced families are still in emergency accommodation

  • 300 tower blocks across the country are covered in the dangerous cladding used on Grenfell Tower

  • Building and Safety regulations are still not fit for purpose

  • a year on, the public enquiry has only just started

  • the Hackitt report has failed to ban combustible cladding for future buildings.

Show your solidarity with J4G – get your community association, party or union branches to affiliate.


Leeds vigil hosted by

Hands Off Our Homes

Little London Tenants and Residents Association

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