No to above inflation social housing rent rises

Swindon Tenants Campaign Group

The government is consulting on their proposal for ‘social housing’ rents from 2020. They are proposing at least five years of above inflation increases; CPI + 1%. Below is Swindon Tenants Campaign Group’s submission to the consultation which opposes above inflation increases. The deadline for comments is November 8th. You can email your comments to

You can read our submission below or download a PDF herestcgsubmissionrent2020

STCG submission on Rents for social housing 2020-21

The proposal to introduce above inflation rent increases of CPI+1% for five years, from 2020, is said to be a means of

  • establishing “a stable financial environment to support the delivery of new homes”, and

  • ensuring that providers have sufficient income with which to manage and maintain their properties.”

This is somewhat disingenuous given that the coalition and Conservative government have previously introduced policies which have destabilised the finances of council and housing…

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