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How to contact us:

Email: handsoffourhomes@gmail.com

Telephone: 07930966205

Facebook: Leeds Hands Off Our Homes

Twitter: @handsoffhomes

Latest news: come to our “summit” meeting for housing campaigners on Sat 25th March – take a look at the flyer below.

What does Hands Off Our Homes Do?

Since the bedroom tax was introduced in April 2013, we have seen thousands of households falling into debt. People have been cutting down on food and doing without fuel and other essentials, all because they are terrified of losing the roof over their head. Many have been forced into the squalid private rented sector where rents are high and tenancy rights virtually non-existent. Some of the worst affected have been carers and people with disabilities

The bedroom tax is just one part of a massive attack on our rights to security and a decent standard of living. Our benefits, our public services and our homes are all under threat, whilst thousands are forced into low/unpaid work.
Now, the government has launched a whole series of new attacks on social housing, and on the benefits which enable people to keep a roof over their head. As with the bedroom tax, these cuts are affecting those with least resources – people with disabilities, carers of young children, and those in low-paid, insecure work. 

The government would like to see us all blaming each other for these attacks on our security and quality of life. They tell us the cuts are necessary, that we need to keep the benefits bill down, that people claiming benefits are scroungers and that migrants are putting a strain on our services. All these things are lies designed to divide us and distract attention from the true agenda of syphoning more and more public money into the private sector.

We reject the scapegoating of the disabled and the chronically ill, of migrants, of parents and carers and the unemployed. We all need welfare, and we demand a decent quality of life for everyone.

What can you do?

Tell the council to announce a policy of No Evictions and extension of Discretionary Housing Payments to all tenants affected by benefit cuts. Contact us for help to organise a lobby of councillors in your area.

Organise with neighbours – contact us for help to set up a local meeting .

Contact Hands Off Our Homes and help build the campaign against cuts and for decent, secure affordable social housing for all who need it. Join our mailing list, or read our blog or Facebook page to find out how.

How to contact us:

Email: handsoffourhomes@gmail.com

Telephone: 07504017322

Facebook: Leeds Hands Off Our Homes

Twitter: @handsoffhomes

Further reading: for those who would like to look into these policies in more detail, we suggest following https://speye.wordpress.com/

For some useful discussion of legal appeals, eg against bedroom tax decisions (what works and what doesn’t), try reading http://nearlylegal.co.uk/


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