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Update: Pay more to Stay scrapped – sort of.

Just an extra update to inform everyone that the government has announced it is scrapping the policy of compulsory higher rents for council tenants on joint incomes of £31,000 and above (£40,000 in London). Instead, it is to be left to the discretion of individual local authorities and housing associations whether to implement a policy […]

Update: Benefit Cap, Housing Act and campaigns

First, some dates for your diary: This Saturday, 19th November: stalls in Little London with information and campaign materials, and promoting a public meeting to be held on Wednesday 23rd November. If you can help, please contact Ellen for more details – either by email here or by text/phone message on 07930966205. Wednesday 23rd November, […]

Benefit Cap Implementation Dates From 7 Nov to 23 January 2017 — SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

To see what amount of rent you may have to pay from your other benefits, look at the table here Baseline benefits means JSA/ESA plus child benefit and child tax credit if applicable. If you are on ESA (WRAG group only – the Support Group is exempt from the cap), you will in theory get […]

Benefit Capped? Get a job you lazy bast***s! Oh, you cant! — SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

Whether its the right-wing Taxpayers Alliance or from 72%** of allegedly rational voters the stock answer to those about to be benefit capped is get a job like the rest of us! Yet over 86% of current capped households cant do that! Earlier this week the DWP released the data on the current households who […]

Benefit Cap – a real example of Arbeit macht frei — SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

The BBC local news covered a story about “John” (not his real name) from Wirral in Merseyside who has had a Benefit Cap letter from the DWP The above is the letter or a screenshot of it from the BBC North West Tonight article that you can watch here – 40 seconds of misery – […] […]

New Overall Household Benefit Cap – coming very soon!

New Lower Overall Household Benefit Cap coming: please read this post if it’s the only thing from HOOH you ever read! On 7th November, the government begins to roll out the new Overall Household Benefit Cap.Under the new Cap, the maximum total benefits that a household can receive will be £384.62. (The limit for a […]

All DV refuges will close not just the 67% Women’s Aid say

Around 30% of women who flee domestic violence and abuse have no children and are under 35 years of age. Under this governments LHA maxima policy they will receive between £45 per week in housing b… Source: All DV refuges will close not just the 67% Women’s Aid say