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Hands Off Our Homes Update – June 2014

Hands Off Our Homes is still fighting. We’re meeting monthly (details below) in Central Leeds, we’re still campaigning and giving advice and support. We anticipate more tenants needing this in upcoming months – we really can make a difference if we stick together and spread the message – keep calm, stay put, organise together.  Here’s […]

Hands off our Homes Update – 8th February

Hi all,  This is a packed update, there’s loads going on. The headline is that Scotland has effectively blocked the bedroom tax, only one tenant in Leeds has been evicted so far (and he’s fighting back) and there’s several ‘loopholes’ which you can use to challenge bedroom tax decisions. See below. HOWEVER, Leeds City Council […]

Tenant in court is safe (for now) – but why is Leeds Council persecuting tenants?

  A good outcome – for now Around 20 people gathered outside Leeds County Court for 2 hours yesterday (28th Nov) morning while we waited for a Leeds woman affected by the bedroom tax to have a possession hearing (which could potentially lead to her eviction). In this case, the possession hearing was adjourned for […]

Fight the bedroom tax in Little London/Woodhouse – October 17th, 7pm

Calling all affected bedroom tax tenants and allies in Little London and Woodhouse! – Need advice and support?– Find out how to be part of a city-wide and national fight against the bedroom tax– Tell others about your experiences – Plan actions – lobbying councillors, demonstrations and more! – Build support and solidarity in your […]

Letter: Leeds City Council must do more

Sir, I am grateful for you publicising the findings of our survey into the effects of the Bedroom Tax which is clearly creating feelings of pessimism and insecurity to tenants of social housing (YEP 1st October). Unfortunately for Cllr Gruen we are not simply wanting to bring the impact of welfare reform to the attention […]

SURVEY: How is the bedroom tax affecting you?

Are you a tenant in Leeds who has had your housing benefit cut as a result of the ‘bedroom tax’?  As the 6 month anniversary of the policy is coming up, and the United Nations are still taking evidence on housing in the UK, Hands Off Our Homes is collecting more stories from affected tenants. […]

Leeds City Council and ‘no evictions’; A wasted opportunity

On Wednesday 7th Sept, the UN Special Rapporteur for Housing, Raquel Rolnik, condemned the Bedroom Tax policy in the strongest terms. After hearing terrible stories of poverty and suffering from affected tenants, she strongly believes the UK may have violated rights to housing. The day before, Hands Off Our Homes sent an email to all […]

Hands Off Our Homes Update – 15th Sept

Hi everyone, It’s been a busy and important week for anti-bedroom tax and welfare cuts campaigners. 1. United Nations representative hears from affected tenants, condemns bedroom tax Some of HOOH went to Manchester on Saturday 7th Sept to meet Raquel Rolnik, UN Special Rapporteur for Housing. As you can imagine, some of the stories we […]

Northern Towns Against Cuts – Feb 2nd

We will be heading down to this on February 2nd:

Council to build new council homes! Oh wait, only 105.

One of the demands of Hands Off Our Homes is for Leeds City Council (LCC) to build more council housing. With over 24,000 people on the waiting list for social housing and less than 7000 becoming available, the building of more social housing is desperately needed. This has been worsened by the continual demolition and selling off […]