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Lets get together to demand a different way: Last year Hands Off Our Homes held a 1000 person strong demonstration against the bedroom tax and welfare reform in Leeds City Centre. Since then we have won concessions from the council and government and the bedroom tax is on its knees. Other campaigns have caused big […]

A number of tenants around the country have made successful appeals against housing benefit decisions requiring them to pay the bedroom tax. If you want to appeal last year’s decision you will need to do it immediately, as the deadline is 13 months from the date of the original decision. You will also need to […]

Hi all,  This is a packed update, there’s loads going on. The headline is that Scotland has effectively blocked the bedroom tax, only one tenant in Leeds has been evicted so far (and he’s fighting back) and there’s several ‘loopholes’ which you can use to challenge bedroom tax decisions. See below. HOWEVER, Leeds City Council […]

There are now TWO big ways to challenge a bedroom tax decision: 1) If you’ve been in housing benefit and the same property since 1996 2) If you’ve been using your ‘spare’ bedroom(s) for other purposes Please make sure you read through both of these. Template letters to appeal are at the bottom of the […]

We have posted below a letter we have sent to Peter Gruen about the pre-1996 bedroom tax exemption in order to produce more publicity of the exemption. If you are affected by the bedroom tax and think you might have been claiming Housing Benefit since 1996 please get in touch or read this. Dear Councillor […]

The first meeting of the year took place on the 15th January We had a general discussion on the current state of play and the flood of housing stories which have built up over the last month. The DWP has accepted that they appear to have dropped one in relation to people who have continually […]

** We’ve made our advice on this a bit clearer to help tenants. Let us know if it works for you!** Have you been living at your present address since 1st January 1996 or before? Have you been claiming Housing Benefit continuously from this address throughout that time? Or have you claimed Housing Benefit continuously […]


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