On September 11th people all around the country will be taking action against the government’s cruel regime of sanctions against people relying on Job-Seekers Allowance, and those in the Work-Related Activities group of Employment Support Allowance. We’re also opposing the policy known as “workfare”, of making claimants work for free as a condition of getting […]

Hands Off Our Homes is still fighting. We’re meeting monthly (details below) in Central Leeds, we’re still campaigning and giving advice and support. We anticipate more tenants needing this in upcoming months – we really can make a difference if we stick together and spread the message – keep calm, stay put, organise together.  Here’s […]

STOP PRESS: Discretionary Housing Payments and Moving Costs – help is there! Here is the latest information for people to get Discretionary Housing Payments to help with the bedroom tax and for financial help with moving house Affected by Bedroom Tax? Not got financial help from the council (Discretionary Housing Payment?) Read this If any […]

A number of tenants around the country have made successful appeals against housing benefit decisions requiring them to pay the bedroom tax. Below we have given some of the arguments which tenants have used in successful appeals. If none of these apply to you there may still be other arguments you can use, and you […]

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Lets get together to demand a different way: Last year Hands Off Our Homes held a 1000 person strong demonstration against the bedroom tax and welfare reform in Leeds City Centre. Since then we have won concessions from the council and government and the bedroom tax is on its knees. Other campaigns have caused big […]

Hi all,  This is a packed update, there’s loads going on. The headline is that Scotland has effectively blocked the bedroom tax, only one tenant in Leeds has been evicted so far (and he’s fighting back) and there’s several ‘loopholes’ which you can use to challenge bedroom tax decisions. See below. HOWEVER, Leeds City Council […]

There are now TWO big ways to challenge a bedroom tax decision: 1) If you’ve been in housing benefit and the same property since 1996 2) If you’ve been using your ‘spare’ bedroom(s) for other purposes Please make sure you read through both of these. Template letters to appeal are at the bottom of the […]


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