Save Our Services, lobby Leeds City Council this Wednesday, 23rd September, at 12.15pm. Leeds City Council is proposing to close a number of care homes and day services for older people in Leeds. Tell our councillors they must not use the government’s austerity programme to privatise or shut down services. Join us outside the Civic Hall […]


Hi everyone, Hands Off Our Homes has been busy trying to gather up-to-date information about how the bedroom tax and other benefit cuts are affecting people, and how the council and housing associations plan to “manage” the latest government attacks on social housing (see here and here for more details).  We’re also working on new information and advice for […]


Demonstration against the Tory emergency budget this Wednesday, 8th July, at 5pm in City Square. On Wednesday the Tory government will be announcing their “emergency” budget – a further £13 billion off already inadequate welfare spending meaning fear and misery for many thousands of disabled, sick, unemployed and low-waged people, plus spiraling homelessness and eviction threats, enforced […]


This Saturday, 27th June, Leeds Welfare Fightback and other anti-austerity groups will take part in a national day of action against B&M stores. We’ll be targeting the store at Middleton District Shopping Centre – please see our Facebook event here to check out details before attending; and read our press release here for more info about why this action is really […]


No Housing Benefit for most under-21s; lowering of the overall household benefit cap; big cuts in Discretionary Housing payment budgets; attacks on ESA and disability benefits entitlement. No end in sight to the bedroom tax, to sanctions against JSA and ESA claimants, or to benefit levels and incomes of the low-waged falling ever further behind price inflation. Housing Association […]

Anti-Austerity-Protest-Leeds (1)

Last Wednesday saw a 1000 people rally against austerity in Leeds, in a protest called at short notice by Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs and Education . Huge protests like this have been seen all around the country since the election, in a wave of shock, fear and anger at the prospect of even more unbridled attacks […]


Hi all, a really quick one this. Hands Off Our Homes and Leeds Welfare Fightback will be joining what looks like being a huge demo against austerity on Wednesday 27th May – gathering at 5pm in Victoria Gardens, in front of Leeds art gallery. Here’s the link to the Facebook event – getting on for 4000 people […]


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