Hands Off Our Homes is busy pressing our Council to join the campaign against the Housing and Planning Act. To do this we need all Leeds councillors to hear from as many concerned tenants and residents as possible. To help with this we have created a letter for people to send to their councillors or […]

Post Brexit – don’t let the racists divide us! Hands Off Our homes note with regret the recent rise in racist scapegoating following the Brexit vote last month. People voted ‘leave’ for a whole number of reasons, not simply immigration. For many it was a protest against worsening social and economic conditions and a political […]

Social tenants need to use their latent power to bring social landlords to account – All 5.04 million social tenant households in the UK have far more power than the 1500 or so social landlor… Source: Bedroom tax, room size & tenant power

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  The House of Lords’ Amendments to the Housing Bill Such is the perversion of democracy in this country that the fate of working class homes is now in the hand of unelected peers and bishops. And such are the peculiarities of the British class system that, while our old Etonian…


Firstly, we need to let everyone know that the Spring General meeting of Leeds Tenants Federation is not at the Civic Hall as previously announced, but at Oxford Place, LS1 3AX. That’s between the town hall and the combined courts centre. The meeting is from 10am to 1pm. It will be an opportunity to raise questions about […]


Hi everyone, Firstly, a reminder that Hands Off Our Homes is planning two local public meetings – one in Armley at the Dennison Hall social club on 5th May, and one in Middleton at St Cross church hall on 12th May. Both events begin at 7pm. Our latest flyer gives a run-down of the issues […]

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Because of the looming threats to social housing from the Housing and Planning Bill, and the risks to social and private-sector tenants from planned benefit cuts, we are organising a new series of local public meetings, where people can learn about what’s happening and hopefully get involved in campaigning for the future of affordable housing. […]


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